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Lemon rice is one of the most popular dish of south India. And I came across this dish a few years back, when me and my husband was travelling and My  mother in law prepared this dish for our travelling. Lemon rice is the best as a  travelling dish, because you can stored it for 2 days without using the refrigerator. You can eat this style of rice with curd, sambar, chicken or fried style mutton.
But I personally  love to eat lemon rice with fried mutton, so for that reason, today I am sharing recipe of lemon rice and fried mutton.
Lemon rice is one of the easiest dish to make because steamed rice is mixed with lemon juice, spices and peanut mixture. And fried mutton is more simpler than lemon rice because only few ingredients are required. You can have this fried mutton with chappati, parathas, rice or can eat as a starter.

Lemon rice with tiny fried mutton:

Total time :30 Min's
Serving 4

Lemon rice:

preparation time: 10 minutes
cooking time 10 minutes

Ingredients required for lemon rice:

3 cups rice
water for boiling 
salt to taste
1 tsp of crushed garlic.
Hand full of curry leaves
3 tsp of chana dal
3 tsp of peanuts (optional)
3 lemons (juice) + water ( double of juice)
3-4 red dry chilli
1 tsp of turmeric.

Fried Mutton:

Preparation time 5 minutes
Meritnation time 10 minutes
Cooking time 10 minutes

Ingredients required for fried mutton:

1/2 kg of boneless meat (cut mutton in 1 inch pieces)
1/2 tsp of turmeric pw
3-4 red chilli pw (according to taste)
4 tsp of ginger/ garlic paste.
Salt to taste.

Method: step by step

Lemon rice and tiny fried mutton:

  1. soak the rice for half an hour ,then heat pan and firstly boil the water. When water starts boiling, then only add the rice.( for boiling take 8 cups of water for 3 cups of rice)
  2. After 5 minutes check the rice. Do not overcook the rice.
  3. Drain the water and keep the rice aside till it cool down.it will take 20 Min's.
  4. Till the rice is cooling, you can use the time and can do the preparation of tadka for lemon rice and if time is left you can marinate the mutton with salt, turmeric, chilli powder and ginger/garlic paste.
  5. Marinate the mutton for 10 Min's.
  6. Heat the pan,  put 2 tbsp of oil and add marinated mutton.
  7. Put the lid on and cook till it soften. Don't add water.
  8. Now put another pan to make the tadka for Lemon rice.
  9. The tadka process is very fast, so keep every thing ready.
  10. Put oil in a pan and add mustard seeds, let them crackle. Add chana dal.
  11. Saute for few seconds, and then add red dry chilli, after few seconds add curry leaves, let them crackle, add crushed garlic.
  12. Now add juice of 3 lemons + water (double of juice).
  13. Cook for 2 Min's or till the water reduces.
  14. Now add turmeric powder. Saute for few seconds.
  15. Switch off the gas.
  16. Tadka is ready, let it cool down.
  17. Till then check the mutton and stir it well. See it doesn't stick on the bottom.
  18. When both the rice and tadka cools down.
  19. Mix both of them. The Lemon rice is ready.
  20. Once again check the mutton its cooked, its ready.
  21. Serve Lemon rice with hot tiny fried mutton.                    


  1. For rice first boil the water, then add the rice.
  2. Don't put the hot tadka in hot rice. Let both cool down.
  3. Take 1 lemon juice for one cup of rice.
  4. Make tiny chunks of mutton.
  5. Don't add water to mutton.
  6. Keep an eye on mutton, so that it doesn't burn or stick.

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