#Soya chicken#

Hey everyone, today i am going to share one of my favorite dish. when I got married my mother-in-law prepared it.I tell you its was soo yummy and delicious you cant stop yourself from having it. Many dishes we learn after marriage same as I learnt "SOYA CHICKEN" after marriage. My husband Love to say "jaaga chicken" rather than soya chicken. Its funny but its a lovely name "jaaga chicken " opposite of "soya chicken".

    The main ingredient of this dish is SOYA SAUCE because which this dish is named as "SOYA CHICKEN". Soya sauce is also known as Soy sauce, made from fermented soya beans, roasted grains etc. Soya sauce is the one oldest ingredient used in china from 2500 years.
 Soya sauce is available in many varieties depending upon their consistency, ageing and flavour. But the most commonly used favours are dark soy sauce light soy sauce.
In China it is used as a seasoning agent while sauteing vegetables. It has many nutritional values. But over consumption can create health problem. So consume little stay healthy.

"Soya chicken" 

Preparation time : 5 min's
Cooking time : 15 min's
Total time :20 min's
Serving : 4 
Course : starter 

Ingredient's :-

1/2 kg chicken ( cut into small pieces )
3 tbsp of soya sauce ( 2 tbsp if dark sauce)
3 tsp Chilli pw ( according to taste)
2 tsp Black pepper (optional)
Salt is not required.
4 cup of water.

( No oil and salt is requied )


  1.  First wash the chicken properly.
  2. Now take a hollow pan.
  3. Add chicken and water. Keep on heat.
  4. Now add Soya sauce and stir it.
  5. Put the lid and keep on medium flame.
  6. After 5 mins check it, water will start reducing.
  7. Toss the chicken, don't use the spoon for stirring.
  8. Put lid on and cook till the water reduces.
  9. When water reduces complitely, then add either 3 tsp chilli powder or 2-3 tsp of black pepper powder.
  10. Now lightly stir it with spoon.
  11. Taste it , if required then only add salt.
  12. Soya chicken is ready to serve.
Mark my word this dish is so yummy that you will lick your fingers.


  1. For this dish, take small pieces of chicken.
  2. Do not stir the chicken with spoon, only toss it.
  3. When water reduces complitely, then only add powder spices.
  4. Do not add salt because soya sauces contains salt.

If you try this recipe and love the dish ,
Let me know 


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