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Appetize your taste buds with the traditional food, Daal-Bati- at Lake Jaisamand 

Lake Jaisamand, popularly known as Debar Lake, is the second-largest artificial lake in India. Located in the Udaipur district of Rajasthan, the lake possesses an abundance of fascinating sights, gorgeous vistas, and engrossing activities. 

Its also famous for its historical fort which is situated right above the lake and is visible from the main highway also
The place also carry rich historical background and is famous for one of its resorts which is situated in the middle of the lake #jaisamand lake resort
Adding to the delight to your visit to Lake Jaisamand is the SatyaVijaya Bhojnalaya, which serves finger-licking Daal Bati. 

Your taste buds will be sated with the taste of the Daal Bati in a way that they are never going to forget the delectable taste- “More of it” is what they are every time going to shout. Believe me, I, am a testimony for that.

Delish experience at the Bhojnalaya
I was never too fond of Dal Bati. Once, during a visit to the Lake, my husband took me for lunch to the Satya Vijaya Bhojnalaya. After listening to so many flavourful comments about the Bhojnalaya from my other half, my taste buds tempted me to give it a shot.
We went and placed our order. I was appealed by the warmth and hospitality they offered with their quick service. Soon, we got our meal. It was time for me to judge the taste of my mate (just kidding). But eventually, I found out that he had a great taste.  The Daal Bati was yum-yum.

Mashed churma with jaggery cuz p

I would like to offer special thanks to the unlimited thali (plate) which they offered. My tummy was full but my heart wasn’t satisfied. I kept on asking for more and more to do justice to the unlimited thali.

Continuing the family business


Mr. Prabhulal Nagda, the owner of Satyavijaya Bhojnalaya, along with his father, Mr. Bansilal Nagda is making people of Daal Bati for 40 years. I guess, he has inherited the magic recipe from his father.
Mr. Bansilal Nagda started his shop in Solambar. They decided to open an outlet near Lake Jaismand. Currently, they have two Bhojnalayas at Jaisamand. Mr. Prabulal’s brother also followed the same route and opened another outlet in Udaipur.

The family loves to serve the people. This can be seen evident with the delicious meal they offer at an affordable price with love. Also, the Bati Churma will make a delish dessert.

People are very fond of the Daal Bati they serve. for dhabe wali daal click the link below:

 the story of the fondness of their Daal Baati have even traveled to the ears of many celebs and officials. They have visited their Bhojnalaya and enjoyed a finger-licking meal followed by praises and delightful words.Upon Enquiring, he shared that Ashish Vidhyarti and Kabir Bedi's son, Rajat Bedi have come to his Bhojnalaya to enjoy a meal. Also, IG Banita Thakur, Collector Anandi, and SPECIAL Kailash Chandra Vishnu stopped for a lunch at the Bhojnalaya and left with praising comments.
I was overwhelmed with the hospitable and kind behavior of the staff and Mr. Prabhulal Nagda himself. He is so down-to-earth, staying true to his roots.
If you ever visit Udaipur or Lake Jaisamand, you know what should be a must on your list- having a meal at SatyaVijaya Bhojnalaya.
Till then, keep eating and spreading the word!

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