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 Delve into the mouth-watering plate of Charminar Biryani
So, the search for flavors continue.
I love it when I get a chance to explore the food in different cities. This time, my search took me to Chennai to savor on the ‘Charminar Biryani’, which is a very famous shop located at Dr. Besant Road, Mirsahibpet, Royapettah, Chennai.
As it is said, ‘never judge the book by its cover’, and I became a firm believer of the saying when I visited the Charminar Biryani. It is a small shop with no fancy interiors. But, the smell of the food creates a vibe which makes it nearly impossible to resist yourself in giving it a shot. I got simply dragged in by the succulent smell of the Biryani. 

My savory experience at the Charminar Biryani center
I ordered a plate of Chicken Biryani. Words will fail to describe the authentic taste of the biryani- you can mark my words.
Other than biryani, the ambiance was welcoming and the service was quick. It isn’t some sort of fancy restaurant. Instead, it is just a simple shop that serves delicious biryani – the taste which you are going to get nowhere else. There aren’t any chairs in the center, just tables where you can enjoy your biryani. Following the south Indian tradition, they serve biryani in banana leaves, which served as an appealing factor.

They served Biryani with curd onions and ‘Baigan ka Salan’. You must be wondering what Baigan ka Salan is. Well, it is something that makes Charminar Biryani unique. It is a kind of ‘chutney’ which has flavors floating within it. Although the biryani itself is rich in flavors, when eaten with Baigan ka salan, the taste becomes unmatchable. 


A glimpse of the menu
Don’t judge the price of the biryani by its fame. You will find that the plate of tummy-delight delights your pocket too. You can get half/full plate of mutton/chicken biryani and mutton/chicken box/bucket at the Charminar Biryani Center at extremely cheap rates.

I was awestruck after looking at the menu- the cost of everything was incredibly cheap. After all, such a great taste at such a reasonable price is nearly impossible to find in the present times. I feel lucky enough to find one!

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