#vijay Chaat house. Indore's favorite and famous food joint.

Anyone up for some chatpati chat?
Your taste buds are demanding something chatpata flavor and you are craving for a chaat. But suddenly, your mind lays its focus on the clock. It is late at night and your mind asks your taste buds to control their cravings. But I would ask you to listen to your taste buds this time. After all, we are crushing over some chatpati chaat here. And must not deny to that. Haha!
Jokes apart!
Treating yourself with a soul-quenching treat will be a great idea to get rid of the blues which you have got after a long day at work. A tangy chat would be a satiating option.
Nevertheless, you can always look forward to the Vijaya chat house for a soul-rewarding treat.

Vijay Chaat House, housed in Saraafa Bazaar (Indore), is an immensely famous food shop that waters people’s taste buds with its delicious chaat and other street food. A more delightful fact is that the food runs throughout the day. So even if your taste buds are getting triggered at night, you do not need to deny them. The Vijay Chaat house always keeps its doors open for its foody customers.

Their mouth-watering chaats and 24*7 availability have contributed significantly to earning fame in Indore.
The Food shop serves Pea patties (batla/matar Patties), coconut patties (khopra patties), Pea kachori (Batla/ matar kachori), Khaman (fried, Amiri, surati), Samosa, chaat, and many more! Also, it serves some of the Indian desserts and sweets.

The patties and samosas are not just as simple as they seem. Instead, the rust-golden color of these food items as they come out of the frying pan will be a delight to your eyes too. The taste will be a delight to your food buds, of course. Moreover, these food items are served with chutneys (sauces)- one is made of tamarind (imli) and the other from coriander and mint (kothmir and pudina).

A peek into the history
The Vijay chat house is taking special care of the craving needs of people since the year 1969 and is making sure that their customers get the taste that they are longing for!
The initiative of starting the Indore Chat house was led by Shri Dayashankar Ji Thaker. Since then, the food hub has traveled a long journey to earn its renowned reputation.
Currently, it has three outlets- at Sarafa, Chappan, and Bhawarkua, in the Indore District of Madhya Pradesh. You will find Indoris flocking at the shop to get their hands full with the lip-smacking samosa, tasty kachoris, and yummy patties.
The shop is currently being handled by the young faces of the Thaker Family- Jatin Thaker, Kashyap Thaker, and Mrudul Thaker.

These young men have taken command over the three outlets. You can spot them in signature white kurtas while they prepare yummy preparations for you.
A new venture, ‘Das Bhai’, is another addition in the feather of the shining cap of the chaat house. It is going to emphasize on delivering all the food items at their customer’s doorsteps. Via this strategy, Vijaya chat has continued the tradition of pleasing people with its service and taste, and now, even at the comfort of the home!

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