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An undeniable cup of coffee at Hotchips restaurant
Whether in the form of a rejuvenating drink or to deal with the slumber of sleep, a person demands coffee every day.
Coffee, the brewed drink made from roasted coffee beans, is required by every individual to freshen them up every morning or to shoo away the tiredness after a rough day at work. If you have landed on this page, it implies that you too are a coffee freak, just like me! Whether you are consuming coffee like espresso, flat white, mocha, macchiato, cappuccino, latte or be it anything, coffee is a must! But once you have tasted the Indian filter coffee at the Hotchips veg restaurant located in Chennai, there is no going back to any other kind. As the Hotchips restaurant claim, “Winner of the best coffee in chennai”, and I believe that it is, for sure.

Hotchips is an Indian veg restaurant located in Chennai. It offers great Chinese food, exotic south Indian dishes, snacks, and beverages. The restaurant has several of its branches spread across the entire southern region of India to make sure that they can delight as many folks as possible with their mouth-watering taste.

Chit-chat about the owner
Mr. R. Vasudevan, the manager and founder of Hotchips veg restaurant started his career as a Commerce lecturer in a renowned college in Chennai. All of a sudden, he decided to take a jump out of his comfort zone and start a venture. He thought it to be a new challenge to satisfy his unending hunger. At that time, fresh snacks and chips attracted him and he decided to prepare food hygienically. He began with a 500 square feet outlet in Nungambakkam. His tireless effort helped him to spread his restaurant chain all over Chennai.

The caffeinated beverage has been serving as the people’s favorite for several years. The Hotchips restaurant has been fueling people with their delicious cup of filter coffee which is brewed extra strong with an excess of sweetened milk and is served in steel cups that sit at the top of bowl-like containers (known as dabarah).

The proliferation of roots of the filter coffee in India
India’s tryst with coffee began in the early 17th century in Karnataka when a Muslim saint smuggled seven coffee beans from current-day Yemen. He managed to sneak them into India and was also able to plant them in the Chandragiri Hills of Chikmagalur district. Soon, a local market started to develop under British rule.
Sometime later in history (around the 19th century), the south Indians started brewing their coffee with milk and sweetened it with jaggery or honey. Soon, it became a daily necessity of southern households. Eventually, the spread of the famous Indian coffee house paved the way of filter coffee in other parts of India. With the advent of coffee hubs, earthen pots that were used to brew and serve coffee have been replaced by steel tumblers that are synonymous with filter coffee to the current day.

The Hotchips restaurant abides by the ancient manner of making coffee and serves exotic coffee with rich taste.
If you ever get a chance to visit Chennai, try giving it a shot!

Till then, keep eating and spreading the work!

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