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It’s time for some doughnuts
Whether it’s the Christmas week arising or you want to sweeten your tooth but don’t wish to go for a too-sweet snack, you just need an excuse for preparing doughnuts.
Basically, doughnuts are of two types- Bread doughnuts that have glaze on them and Christmas doughnuts that are made using white flour or ‘maida’.
We are going to learn to prepare Christmas doughnuts, here.
So, let’s get started and prepare some delicious doughnuts.
Not to forget, I would like to bid thanks to my mother-in-law. I inherited this amazing recipe from her. You will soon agree to the awesomeness of this recipe after you try it out yourself.
Above all, the recipe is simple and does not ask many ingredients. You will be able to prepare some great doughnuts with just 7 ingredients.


1.Egg - 4 eggs ( 1 cup or level of 4 eggs in a cup ) 
2.Castor sugar - 2 cup ( double measure of egg in a cup)
3.Lukewarm milk - 1 cup ( same measure as egg )
4.Ghee -1 cup ( same as egg measure)

note:- this measurement is for 1 kg maida , for 2 kg maida you can double the measurement. properly note the level of 4 eggs in a cup.  

For Flour mix
5. White flour/maida/all porpuse flour - 1 kg
6. Baking powder - 1tsp
7. Baking soda - 1/3 tsp

Preparing the batter

  1. For the dry mixture
  • Take 1 kg white flour in a bowl and add 1 tsp baking powder and 1/3rd tsp baking soda to it. 
  • Filter the mixture through a sieve and keep it aside.

2.Now, we are going to mix the wet ingredients.

  • Break the eggs in a cup and measure the level of four eggs because this is the basic measuring level which we are going to use for other ingredients.
  • I have taken 10 eggs because I am making doughnuts for 2 and half kg all purpose flour, so if you are making for 1 kg please take 4 eggs only.
  •  Now  pour this eggs in a container. Whisk the eggs properly until you obtain a uniform mixture.

  •  Now, when the eggs are done with the same measuring cup add double cups of sugar mix it well

  • Now add 1 cup lukewarm milk.
  • note Take the same quantity of milk  as that of the eggs. beat it well
  • now Add ghee and mix properly until uniformity is obtained.
  •  Whisk the mixture again to obtain uniformity.
  • Now its time to add dry mixture (of white flour, baking soda and baking powder).
  • Add the dry mixture in small portions.

  •  At first, the mixture will appear a bit sticky and liquid form but keep on blending 
  • add another portion of dry mixture 
  •  Blend properly and keep on adding the dry mixture till you obtain a smooth dough.

note : if the dough sticks to your hand at last also you can add little maide but not much. dough should be soft as spoonge. 

The final step

  • Make small circular spheres from the dough and roll them into thick chapaatis
  • Cut into the shape of doughnuts. 
  • for doughnuts I use doughnut mold its easily available in market.

  • and if you don't have mold you can use some small mouth steel bowl pr glass.
  • Don’t forget to make that small hole in between.
  • Make a batch and keep a side for frying. 

Fry the doughnuts in medium flame. (main section of the process)

  • heat the oil on high frame.
  • firstly check the oil by adding one piece of doughnut, if it instantly floats back on the surface that means the oil is ready.
  • fry the doughnuts in small batchs.

  • keep truning them.
  • dont let the oil cool down because if the tempure goes down doughnuts will starts to break.
  • After some time form will appeare on the surface of oil dont worry its because of egg which we used in our recipe. 
  • now your doughnuts are ready to eat .



  • You can use an electric blender to blend the mixture. But it is advisable if its hand-blended. The richness in the taste comes if the mixture is hand-blended.
  • mark the eggs in a cup properly to measure the other ingredints also.
  • make thick doughnuts .
  • dont let oil cool down .
  • form will appeare on the surface dont worry its because of egg.


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