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The delectable plate of fish at the ‘name-it-yourself’ restaurant

On the trip to Banswara (South Rajasthan) - WAGAD , the first place that I visited was the ‘name it yourself restaurant’.
Insane name! isn’t it!

Well, it is not the name of the restaurant. So, don’t start searching the name of the restaurant on google as you are not going to find it over there.
When I was having an interactive session with the owner of the restaurant, I asked him the name of the restaurant to make it easier for you guys to locate it. But the owner told me that the restaurant doesn’t have a name.
I was wondering how people locate the restaurant or ask anyone about it. They explained to me that the restaurant is well-known to the people by the name of the two brothers, Mr. Kamlesh Maida and Mr. Pappu, who are the owner of the restaurant. You can ask the residents about the restaurant of Kamlesh Bhai or Pappu Bhai and they will assist you in locating the place near padla 
The restaurant was started by their father, Mr. Balchand Maida 10 years ago. Later the two brothers took the responsibility and are continuing with it.
The restaurant is situated in Padla (near Banswara) on the Ratlam road, near River Mahi. Which is close to Famous Gammon Bridge On Mahi River, in Banswara District. Thus, you get to enjoy the delectable plate with a gorgeous view.
Much about the details of the restaurant and its name!
Let us talk about the authentic taste that still waters my mouth every time I think about it!
The restaurant serves a delectable plate of fried fish and fish gravy with Makka ki roti (maize’s chapati). The most surprising thing was, the fish was bought from the river MAHI secondly, they serve this "3F" DISH infornt of you according to your taste. Now you must thinking what is "3F"  it  MEANS " FRESH, FRIED,FISH". I must tell the taste of both the curry and fried fish was very tempting.

When I had the first bite of the fish fry, my taste buds got so much amazed by the insane taste. The fish was perfectly fried and had a fine taste. It was crispy on the outside and savory and delicious on the inside. I couldn’t demand more. Yet, I got it, the gravy fish with Makka ki roti.
The gravy fish was too yum for my taste buds to handle in a single day. The gravy has a proper blend of all the spices and the fish tasted surplus. When eaten with Makka ki roti, instead of our simple wheat chapati, the taste manifolds.
Even if you are not a fish  lover, you are going to fall for it.
Oh, by the way, seafood is rich in essential vitamins and minerals, so you must eat seafood at least once a week. Above all, it does not contain fats or carbohydrates, so you can relish as much as you desire without the threat of getting obese.


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