poha 10 to 12 at night " up for midnight poha"

Up for a midnight poha!
As my trip to Banswara continued, I got to know about an amazing POHA shop which is famous as ‘HAJARI KE POHE’.

Usually, people eat poha in their morning breakfast OR evening snacks. But this shop serves poha at night, from 10 pm to 12 pm. The unusual timings to serve poha made me curious to know about it. So, around 11 o'clock at night I reached the shop and you cant believe every shop on the street was closed and you can see from far way only one shop was open " hajari ke pohe". It was 11 on clock still there was crowd at the shop. i didn't understand what is the different in hajari ka poha, that people comes at night also.
then i meet the owner of the shop Mr. Mahesh ji, although he was so busy still he was kindly sharing his experience with me.
my first curiosity was about time. why 10 to 12 at night? so,  I asked him that why do they serve poha only at night, and that too for only 2 hours. To my question, he replied, “Earlier  this concept was started by my father, firstly he started this stall near barwasra bus stand which is now known as " purana bus stand", so at that time  roadways buses used to pass by the at night. People used to stop by the side to eat poha to satiate their mid-night hunger. The stall used to serve poha from night till 4 o’clock in the morning. Without making any changes in the timings, I started this shop and am serving poha at night. Plus, my stock of poha gets over by 12o’ clock. This is the reason why you will find a crowd gathered outside the shop from 10 pm to 12 pm”.

He continued by sharing a glimpse of the past about his shop. He explained that his father, Mr. Hajari started the shop 40 years ago, and that is where the shop derived its name. He’s taken control over the shop now. Also, his brother runs a shop near the Housing Board square in the evening. 
Both the shop served delicious Poha and namkeen. The taste of their Poha was simply but you can taste diffrent spices in there... Also, the taste of their namkeen was no less. After all, I never realized that a simple dish, such as poha can also taste such mouth-watering. But, Hajari k poha made it true.I enquired about the secret ingredient that they add in their poha. He said that it is the love of the people that makes the poha taste such amazing and attracts them to their shop at night also.

The plate of Poha was seriously heavenly. Try giving a shot whenever you get a chance to visit.
Till then, keep eating and spreading the word!
click the given link below for more details about baswara trip

you can go to the web site given below for another best poha joint.


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  1. By this post you made me nostalgic
    I am from banswara