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Samosa is a common and very famous pastry snack in india as well as in other parts of the world, It is basically a fried snack made of  pastry filled with various fillings mainly a mix of potatos , onions, peans and other spices

The famous samosa of Banswara (babu Bhai Ke Samose) thats my third place in search of best food in baswara.
I was amazed by loads of famous shops, each delighting the people with their special and unique taste when I visited Banswara. Apart from ‘Hajari k pohe’ and ‘padla fish fry’ shop that served delicious poha and fish, respectively, I encountered one more shop that served yummy samosas.
Those hot, fried triangles with potato stuffing inside tasted insane! The taste still dwells in my taste buds.

So, I went to this amazing shop and meet Mr. Rajesh ji who runs this  babu Bhai samosa shop, The shop was started before 30year by his father Mr.babu Lal ji sethiya. He started with namkeen, gathiya and samosa. Today the cost of one samosa is worth 7rupees but when this shop was started before 30years it cost only 10 paise, can you believe it only 10 paise.

Now Mr. Rajesh ji runs this shop with his bother "Mr jitendar ki" and son "yashraj". His son also helps him out. Shop opens at 8:30 in morning till 12 in afternoon. But you can enjoy namkeen till evening. Shop is just opposite to rajkiya balika madyamik vidhyala basawara.
Now about the taste of samosa, it was unbeatable and the shop is famous for serving samosas with authentic taste.

The samosa that they served was perfectly crispy on the outside and perfectly soft on the inside. You take a bite and you can grasp in the richness of the flavor. The stuffing of the samosa was insanely amazing, full of flavors, and the outer covering of the samosa was nice and crispy.

When I saw the owner of the shop, preparing samosas, I was awestruck with his speed. He was making the outside covering, stuffing it, and giving the perfect triangular shape, like a breeze. Of course, it is the result of years of practice that must have converted into a necessity with the number of customers that are increasing daily.

Moreover, to my awe, I found out that the shop has regular customers, some of whom have been enjoying the deliciousness of the samosa for 16 years.
If you ever get a chance to visit Banswara, don’t forget to pay a visit to this place.
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